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Veterinary Secrets Revealed - Heal Your Pets At Home

"You CAN Heal Your Sick Pet At Home,
Without Going To The Vet...

In Less Than 24 Hours,
I Can Show You How To Examine,
Diagnose, And Treat Your Pet At Home."

Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM
December 26, 2011 Privacy Seal-

Dear fellow pet lover,

If you're not ready to make some simple changes to the way you provide
veterinary care to your pet, beginning today...

...your dog or cat could be seriously ill and live a "shortened" life!
Here is How I know:

My dog died young, only 8 years old. He was a mixed breed dog, a
specimen of health. He was given a ton of attention, exercised three
times a day, fed only Veterinary Approved food, and given all his
vaccines. He had the "ideal" life.


Hoochie passed away in my arms from a massive tumor bleed at 12:02pm on
April 12, 2003 - the saddest day of my life.
I asked myself... why?

I thought that he was incredibly healthy. I was sure I was doing all of
the right things for him.

But I later discovered I may have contributed to his death, because I
believed ONLY in conventional veterinary medicine. You see, I am a

I'm Dr. Andrew Jones, and I have practiced Veterinary Medicine for over
a decade. Over the past 19 years I have treated literally thousands of
pets for a whole variety of problems, and I currently own the Nelson
Animal Hospital in Nelson BC, Canada (nelsonvet).

But, my beloved dog Hoochie is gone.

You are fortunate... it's not too late for you and your pet. Just read
on and find out exactly what you must do now.

Pay Close Attention

Conventional veterinary medicine may be harming your pet - and I can
show you step-by-step what you must do to prevent it. "Regular"
veterinary care has lost its effectiveness over the years, and in some
cases is actually causing illness in our pets.

Alternative pet health care has grown over the past few years, but the
truth is that Veterinarians have STRONGLY discouraged pet owners from
treating their pets outside of the Vet Clinic.

The entire Pet Health Industry has a vested interest in discrediting
alternative medicines which can safely, naturally and effectively allow
pet owners to care for their pets at home.


Lock the door, Unplug the phone, and do whatever you can to have 10
undivided minutes... Get ready to read about how you could be saving
the life of your pet starting now!
"I began to notice something unusual..."

Slowly, I began to notice something unusual about Hoochie. He really
just wasn't the same. He was reluctant to go for his morning dog walk,
which was always the highlight of his day.

I dismissed it as him feeling a bit off, some mild stomach issue or
maybe a touch of arthritis... but it didn't pass. In fact, it got

I eventually did a blood test on Hoochie, thinking at that point that
he had a tooth infection. However, much to my horror, I quickly found
out that he had a spleen tumor.

Immediately, I performed surgery on Hoochie and removed the spleen
tumor. But I was too late - the cancer had already spread to his liver,
and I knew that very soon, he would die.
How did an apparently healthy
mixed breed dog die so young?

I did all the "right" things - or so I thought. After grieving, I came
to realize that I had played a role in him dying at too young of an

I came to question exactly what I did to my own pet - and what was I
doing to other people's pets.

Through my questioning, I came to realize that most Veterinarians
(including me as well, at the time) are not "getting it" - that in the
process of trying to heal pets through technological advances, we are
actually making them sicker!
There are 3 mistakes that I made
that contributed to Hoochie's early death...

...are you making these same mistakes with your own dog or cat?
Mistake #1:
Vaccines - Given Every Year

I gave Hoochie his combination of vaccines every year until he died. I
advised pet owners to vaccinate their pets yearly, so naturally I gave
my own dog the same vaccines. It's very likely that the vaccines
contributed to him developing spleen cancer.

"Recent vaccinations with single or combination modified live virus
(MLV) vaccines are increasingly recognized contributors to
immune-mediated blood diseases, bone marrow failure, organ dysfunction
and cancer."
Dr. Jean Dodds, one of the world's foremost experts in canine vaccine
Mistake #2:
Diet - He Was Fed An All-In-One "Complete" Veterinary Food

Hoochie was fed a Veterinary approved food exclusively, yet he still
developed Spleen cancer at the age of 8. The "Bright Minds" in the pet
food industry have created unwell pets, producing increasing incidences
of diabetes, cancer and allergies.

Remember the Pet Food Recall of 2007? This is the trust that we place
in pet food companies... we assume that all pet food is safe, that the
'powers that be' have our pets' best interest at heart. In the case of
those companies, that is not the case.

The food that Hoochie ate was filled with chemical preservatives. The
unnatural preservatives played a role in the cancer.

"BHA and BHT are known to cause liver and kidney dysfunction and are
banned in some European countries. Ethoxyquin is suspected of causing
cancer, and that propylene glycol, another common pet food ingredient,
causes the destruction of red blood cells."
Dr. Wendell O. Belfield, author of 'How to Have a Healthier Dog'.
Mistake #3:
Conventional Medication - He Was On Anti-Inflammatories

Hoochie was showing signs of arthritis, so I had been giving him a
conventional veterinary medication. He responded to the medication, but
it likely played a role in damaging his organs, making him susceptible
to cancer.

These are also known as Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatories, or NSAIDs.
Here is what Dr Stephen Sundlof of the Food and Drug Administration
(FDA) has to say about them...

NSAIDs carry a risk of side effects, or adverse reactions. Most adverse
reactions are mild, but some may be serious, especially if the drugs
are not used according to labeled directions. Some reactions result in
permanent damage or even death.
"It's important for pet owners to be aware of the risks and benefits of
all drugs, including NSAIDs, so that they can make informed decisions
about their pets' health care," says Sundlof. "Owners who give their
dog NSAIDs need to know the side effects to watch for that indicate
their pet needs medical attention."
The most common side effects from NSAIDs include vomiting, loss of
appetite, depression, lethargy, and diarrhea. Serious side effects
include gastrointestinal bleeding, ulcers, perforations, kidney damage,
and liver problems.
Stephen F. Sundlof, D.V.M., Ph.D., Director of the Food and Drug
Administration's Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM).

A very popular NSAID is Rimadyl. It has resulted in all the above
reported side-effects. In fact it was first created as a human
anti-inflammatory product, but due to the incidence of serious liver
side effects in clinical trials, it was pulled from the human market.
The drug company, Pfizer, then brought it back to life in the pet

It has caused a huge number of serious side effects in pets, including
death. Here is what Chris Adams of the Wall Street Journal had to

Since Rimadyl's 1997 launch, the FDA has received reports of about
1,000 dogs that died or were put to sleep and 7,000 more that had bad
reactions after taking the drug, records and official estimates
indicate. The FDA says such events are significantly underreported.
Chris Adams, Wall Street Journal

YES... I, a knowledgeable veterinarian with over 15 years of
experience, contributed to my pet's death.

I began to question exactly why I believed in utilizing only
"conventional" veterinary medicine to heal pets... I questioned all the
"scholarly information" that I had been taught in veterinary school.

I did some deep soul searching...

WHY did this happen?

It happened because I didn't question modern veterinary medicine, and I
gave Hoochie harmful medication, I fed him "Veterinary approved" food,
and I injected his body yearly with cancer inducing Vaccines.

WHO was to blame?

I gave him the medication, the vaccines and the carcinogenic food. Yes,
my profession, the large drug companies and the food companies played a
role. But, I should have known better.

HOW can I prevent this from happening again to another pet?

From the anger, the pain and the despair, a switch happened.

I began to read, to research, to discuss with other colleagues the
pitfalls of the current state of modern veterinary practice, and I
began to write a book.
I spent thousands of hours exploring ways for pet owners to
administer first aid, improve behavior problems, and even
treat illnesses using readily available household products.

I began using my "newer" style of medicine in my practice, and my
patients benefited tremendously from this research.

My book was first published on-line, in digital (e-book) format, in May
of 2004 - about one year after Hoochie died.

The book is called "Veterinary Secrets Revealed."

And now, in Spring of 2009, I've just released my Second Edition of
Veterinary Secrets Revealed. My new book has built upon the foundation
of the first one - and it's now a HUGE Manual, at 480 pages long.

Easily Care For Your Pet At Home -
Treat Illnesses Confidently And Competently,
Using Simple Techniques And Inexpensive Natural Ingredients...
...And Save Thousands Of Dollars In Vet Bills!

Veterinary Secrets Revealed allows dog and cat owners to care for and
treat their pets on their own. It doesn't matter what category your
pet's problem fall under...
* Diseases and Illnesses, such as cancer, usually treated with
conventional medications that make your pet feel worse rather than
* Ailments like back spasms or arthritis that reduce your pet's
ability to enjoy favorite activities.
* Behavior problems like aggression that can lead to dangerous
situations in and outside your home.

Veterinary Secrets Revealed will provide all the information you need
to keep your pet healthy or to improve the health of your sick pet.

And, Veterinary Secrets Revealed does it without medical jargon,
without complicated procedures, and without an eye on the
pharmaceutical companies' bottom line (yes, we Vets face the same
pressures as human doctors.)

Here's what you DON'T need to use Veterinary Secrets Revealed:
* A degree in medicine (animal OR human) - the treatments are clearly
explained and the steps are simple and easy to follow so you can
focus on comforting your pet
* A dictionary of medical terminology - the descriptions are easy to
understand and are in everyday English so there's no risk of
* An ability to transform into one of the doctors on ER - I've made
the descriptions so simple, you don't even have to watch ER to be
able to treat your pet!

Here's what you DO need:
* The willingness to comfort and care for your sick or injured pet so
you can alleviate pain or begin treatment before you even reach
your Vet. In some cases, this could be a matter of life or death
for your pet.

So if you meet or exceed these simple requirements (and really, what
loving pet owner doesn't?) then you're ready for this...
Simple, Proven System Tackles Your Pet's
Behavior And Health Problems - Often With
Items That Are Already In Your Home

Of course, every pet owner wants to care for a sick or injured pet.

But too often, they don't know how. Veterinary Secrets Revealed will
break down the treatment options in a step-by-step process for common
ailments so you can:
* End your Pet's Diarrhea FAST. Use a common people remedy or choose
from other solutions (page 89).
* Cure your Pet's Leaking Bladder. Rid your home of the embarrassing
stains and smells in your home, and rid your pet of the anxiety
caused by doing something "bad" even though it was - until now! -
uncontrollable (page 64).
* Relieve your Dog or Cat's Constipation. Constipation can be painful
and dangerous. Not only will you know how to relieve your
constipated pet, you'll also learn how to prevent it from happening
again (page 77).
* Find effective solutions to battle your Dog or Cat's Cancer. I'll
show you how to get your pet's metabolism working to defeat
cancer's progression (page 66).
* Find the specific massage points for Hip Dysplasia... if it is
difficult for your pet to even get up, then find help with this
massage (page 125).
* Eliminate painful Ear Mites safely and naturally. Ease your pet's
pain simply with common pantry items (page 96).
* Manage your Pet's Diabetes. Discover an inexpensive, safe
supplement which can lower your diabetic pet's insulin requirement
(page 86).
* Reduce Vomiting episodes. There are many reasons your pet vomits -
pinpoint the cause and choose the best remedy (page 189).
* Finally ease the Ache in your Pet's Back. Your pet will romp and
play more without constant back pain (page 59).
* Treat your Pet's Dental Problems. Bacteria from your pet's teeth
can get into the bloodstream and cause serious heart problems - so
keep the teeth clean (page 83).
* Prevent Pancreatitis or speed recovery from an attack. Quick action
is necessary to save your pet's life - here are 2 homeopathics that
you can use in any attack of pancreatitis (page 169).
* At last, treat your Pet's Arthritis at home. The top supplements to
use now AND human medicines that are safe and effective (page 53).
* Treat your Hyperthyroid Cat. If your older cat is eating more, but
losing weight, then he may have Hyperthyroid disease - I reveal 2
herbs effective in treating hyperthyroid cats (page 136).

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Veterinary Secrets Revealed has already proven to be a BIG HIT amongst
empowered pet owners.

Thousands of you are seeking better ways to care for your pets - and my
book is showing you how.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of wonderful comments I've received
for Veterinary Secrets Revealed...

"Everyone who is a guardian to an animal needs your book. It is filled
with the information that other vets either don't know or refuse to use
because a lot of it is common sense combined with NATURAL alternatives
that work without causing additional financial hardships."
Laura Lluellyn-Lassiter, Florida

"Vet secrets revealed is the best thing I have ever bought. I have 5
toy poodles so I need all the help I can get. Its also saved me a
bundle. Iam no vet but I do know my girls and they are all fighting fit
thanks to using ideas in your book. No more outragous vet bills(sorry).
I have used many of the things in there. At the moment the girls all
have flaxseed iol on their food at night. which I always cook for them
every night."
Kathleen Cooper, Qld Australia

"I have been looking for alternative methods to treat my dogs for
years. It is frustrating, to say the least, that most vets are not
alternatively minded.
So, Dr. Jones, when I found your information online, I gladly purchased
your wonderful, very reasonably priced e-book and put it to use
immediately. For example, I had a pom who had a collapsed trachea,
diagnosed by several vets with no treatment offered besides surgery and
I looked in the ebook and by your recommendation I purchased Hylands
natural cough syrup and lo and behold, she stopped her coughing and was
able to walk or bark without coughing. I was so relieved and I was so
thankful that I was able to help her myself. Before, I would have been
scared to give her something that I wasn't sure would hurt her.
I will refer to the informative Veterinary Secrets Revealed whenever I
have an issue come up with my pets. I have been involved with
alternative medicine for 20 years now and I will continue to search for
natural and safe treatments.
I am so thankful to you Dr. Jones for making alternative medicine for
animals available to me. I am a happy customer. Keep up the fabulous
work. I only wish you were practicing here in Austin, TX."
Catherine Ruivivar CBP, Par BP, RMT, Austin Texas

"Dr. Jones book has been very, very helpful in treating my rescue dogs
and puppies. The book is easy to understand and it is easy to quickly
find what you are looking for. Using the treatments has helped many of
my furbabies, including treatment for vomiting, diarrhea, arthritis,
and many others. Thank you. I will be ordering the home study course to
further assist my rescues as soon as I can afford the price."
Andrea Tucker, Jazzin Around Rescue, Tennessee

"Hello Dr. Jones,
I just purchased your eBook as a result of trying one of your remedies
in your newsletter. I am using dandelion tea as diruetic for my pet
with congestive heart failure and it is very helpful. I am going to use
some of the other remedies starting now because I have an outbreak of
upper respiratory problems. Colds. Runny eyes and congestion. Since
some of them I have used previously on myself (I prefer alternative
medicines for me too) and found them helpful I have no reservations in
following your suggestions laid out in your book. I will continue to
give you feedback as I proceed. And I will read the book from end to
end. Your book will be the most valuable aid in caring for my feline
family that I could ever have.
Thank you so much for writing such a comprehesive medical guide. I can
see that you have put a lot of care and thought into not only the
content, but the layout as well. It is very well thought out and user
friendly. I will be recommending this to everyone I can.
Thank you for providing this tool to people like me who don't want to
always rely on tradional pharmaceuticals with there inherent side
Carole Burletoff, Economy, NS

"Dr. Andrew,
Your Web site and books have already been a valuable tool for us in
caring for our two year old Yorkie. I have been able to successfully
treat her allergies, find new alternatives for pain, and insist on a
three year vaccine regimen, all saving us expensive trips to the Vet,
and probably extending her life. As retiree's, on a fixed income, they
have been invaluable, and already paid for themselves. I am so thankful
for a reliable reference to rely on.
Thank You so much."
Nita Le Van, Colorado

"Hello Dr. Jones,
I wanted to let you know that I have read your entire book and it has
assisted me in educating myself about many things I can do to keep my
cats healthier.
This is a wonderful tool, and I have recommended it to friends. I
actually used the eye bright remedy because my one cat had an irritated
eye, and it cleared up quickly with remedy. Thank you so much."
Cindy Ishkanian, FL

"Have really enjoyed your book--have used it many times. Unfortunately
we couldn't help our wee poodle--she was almost 14 and had so many
things wrong--it broke our hearts but we had to euthanize her. We now
have another wee girl and I check your book every times something goes
Thanks so much."
Jean Christianson, Alberta

Veterinary Secrets Revealed can show you how to:
* Strengthen your Pet's failing Heart. Simple supplements to prevent
and treat heart disease so your pet can stay active and happy (page
* Cure red, discharging, Irritated Eyes. Use this healing eye herb
which can treat most eye infections WITHOUT a prescription (page
* Find answers for Oily, Itchy Skin on your Dog. Use this common
household vitamin if your pet has a greasy coat (page 162).
* Soothe your Pet's irritating Cough. You'll be amazed and thankful
for the first restful sleep you've both had since the cough started
(page 79).
* At last discover safe, effective options for Kidney Failure. You
will discover a Chinese herbal formulation that has been very
effective in combating ailing kidneys (page 143).
* QUICKLY give relief from Hot Spots. Do this first if your pet has a
hot spot - apply a common kitchen drink two to three times a day
(page 131).
* Instantly calm Aggressive Pets. Do this so they won't hurt others
or get themselves into a dangerous fight with another aggressive
animal (page 42).

Click here to order Veterinary Secrets Revealed right now

* Treat an Abscess. I show you exactly what to do first to heal it at
home and avoid your vet (page 37).
* Safely treat Thyroid Disease. Learn the difference between
hyperthyroid and hypothyroid disease and how to treat each
effectively (page 136).
* STOP Stool Eating! Who wants dog-kisses from a poop-eater? Learn
what ingredient you have in your cabinet that stops dogs from
eating their own poop (page 94).
* Speed up your Pet's Weight Loss. Add this supplement to your pet's
diet and watch the pounds disappear (page 164).
* Heal Pad Cracks and Paw Problems. If your pet has problems with
their pads, then check this out - a topical vitamin for pad cracks
and paw problems that really works (page 167). Heal your pet's paw
problems today.
* Calm Your Senile Pet. Alleviate senility problems like insomnia and
pacing at night using a safe and gentle supplement (page 178)
* Restore your Pet's Liver health. Just like humans, our pets need a
healthy liver for a healthy life. Learn to spot liver disease signs
early, then use easy remedies to improve liver health - cook with
this herb that will help to regenerate the liver (page 149).

"I love your book. I having been waiting for a Vet like yourself who
uses a natural healing and common sense approach to taking care of my
animals. This also allows me to be empowered and involved in their
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making it simple and easy to
Sonya, Gibsons, BC

"I spent around 380 in 3 different Vets and sent to the US for Pets
Best rx (another $85) for a treatment for Dermatitis in my Springer
Spanials front paws and after reading your book cured it with Vinigar.
Your Book is well worth what I paid for it. Many thanks,"
Roger Johnson, Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK

"When the pet food recall put a continuing scare into not only the pet
food, but also the human food and goods industries, I went searching
for an alternative. I scoured the internet until I found someone else's
recommendation for your products. I purchased one of your e-books, and
was so "wow"ed by the information, advice and clear, concise help, I
went back and bought a bunch more!
Thanks, Dr. Andrew, for making it easier to take care of my two
beautiful dogs!"
Annie Sires, Stuttgart Germany

"This book is indispensable. There is a wealth of
information contained in it that can help every pet owner, whether you
have a cat or dog, young or old.
I'm a big proponent of alternative and natural health care for myself
and my family, so of course I am for my animals as well. Dr. Jones'
book is very accessible and helpful for anyone wanting to ensure their
animals are as healthy as they can be.
Although it is not a replacement for traditional veterinarian care, it
empowers pet owners by giving them the information they need to make
the best decisions about their animal's health.
It also gives an abundance of suggestions about preventative care and
how to help your cat and dog live long, healthy lives. I will
definitely recommend this book to all my animal-loving friends and
Erin McConomy, Seattle WA
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"Dr. Jones,
Your book surely is like some kind of a wonder. In good old Germany I
was surching through the net to find something about thyroid problems
in dogs, having taken a one year old golden retriever from a women
wanting to get rid of her. She came with a high dosis of L-thyroxin and
the vet bills started to expand. I came across your book, found
something similar to the raw gland concentrates here in Berlin and
thats how it started. Than I have treated the ears with calendula and
garlic and, and, and.... Wonderful."
Christine Schulze-Leistikow, Berlin, Germany
"This book is a must have for animal lovers and pet owners wanting a
reliable, trustworthy source on natural treatments for their
four-legged friends. It is wonderful to know that their are options
available that are tried and true. I have used holistic remedies and
they work.
Thank you Dr. Andrew for providing us with a comprehensive and
invaluable resource! "
Louise, Jacksonville, Florida
"Dr. Andrew Jones:
We are the lucky caregivers to four yellow labs, ages 9, 8 and two 6
year-olds, so have many occasions for the need of a book like
"Veterinary Secrets Revealed". I have been looking for just this book
for many years.
We live in rural Alberta and grow our own organic vegetables, herbs,
some fruit and Bantams for eggs, so appreciate the natural solution
when possible. All the extra bonuses received with the book are very
valuable tools every pet owner should have, especially "At Home Health
Exam" and "Behavioral Problems".
Some of the pictures (massage parlour cats) are just hilarious.
We are so thrilled with "Veterinary Secrets Revealed" we recommended it
to (many) friends. We hope for their sake (and their pet's) they follow
Thank you for your dedication in making this much-needed informative
book. We look forward to learning all we can to provide a happy,
healthy life for our pets. Thank you. "
Jim and Pat Van Heukelom, with Russ, Ginger, Gus and Abby, Buck Creek,
"Thank you for your Vetinary Secrets Newsletter. I find it fascinating
and informative. It has confirmed some things I have always suspected!
I then brought your book which I, happily, have not had to use yet but
feel confident I will find useful. I particularly like the info on how
to examine my cats at home.
Keep up the good work. I think you and your book are GREAT!!!!!!
Best wishes, "
Ann Partridge, West Bromwich, England
Easily Care For Your Pet At Home Using Simple
Techniques And Inexpensive, Natural Ingredients

With Veterinary Secrets Revealed, you will be delighted by how much you
will learn and how much you can help your pet.

* How to Stop Worms that keep coming back. This food product works
great for pets with recurring tapeworm infections (page 192).
* What do you do if your Pet has Itchy, red and irritated Skin. Use a
common over the counter medication (page 129). Heal your pet's
itchy skin today.
* How to Treat your pet's Fever. IS your pet burning up? These are
MUST have remedies to treat a Fever in dogs and cats (page 104).
* A safe natural option for Treating Ringworm in Dogs and Cats. PLUS,
what causes it and how you can prevent it from reoccurring (page
* What you can do to Stop Dandruff. Have flaky, dead skin all over
your house? A surprising shampoo to eliminate dandruff in your pet
(page 81).
* How to deal with Noise Phobias. If your dog shakes and hides during
thunderstorms, then she has a noise phobia. A simple, safe home
remedy found in your fridge can solve thunderstorm phobias (page
* A natural solution to Treat Hairballs in Cats. This juice can break
them down and stop the regurgitation (page 119).
* What to do if your Dog been diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. Use
this to lower the hormone that causes this common ailment (page

[BUTTON Input] (not implemented)____________________________________

* What to do if your dog is a "Scooter". How to finally solve your
pet's anal gland problems at home (page 49).
* How to Dust Fleas Away - literally. Forget toxic chemicals, choose
from a variety of remedies to control and prevent fleas (page 108)
* How to safely Treat Skin Allergies with a magical 10-in-one Chinese
Herb. Your pet will be thrilled at the relief from constant
scratching, licking, & chewing (page 44)
* How to cure Separation Anxiety. Make your pet feel safe while at
home alone and end destructive behavior (page 180)
* What to do for the Head Shaking & Ear Scratching pet. Put an end to
ear infections with this weekly cleanser from your kitchen cabinets
(page 96).
* What to do if your pet has Lumps or Growths. Here is how you can
stimulate your pet's immune system to get the to resolve lumps and
bumps and avoid surgery (page 153).
* How to deal with Mange. You can avoid the serious and toxic
veterinary medication with this topical herb (page 156).

And that's just a hint of what's inside - there are over 2,000 remedies
to these and other illnesses in Veterinary Secrets Revealed, Second
Table Of Contents
Want to see what's inside? Click below:
Table of Contents of Veterinary Secrets Revealed, Second Edition.

"I have enjoyed your E-book so much I have recommended it to all of my
pet loving friends. Not all of them are as interested in caring for
their pets the way you and I are but I am hoping as time goes by and
they continue to ask me for my advice they too will come to understand
how important your E-book is and buy it for themselves. I really
appreciate having a reference at my fingertips without having to wait
for a Vet or relying on someone else for the care and treatment of my
I will continue to 'tout' your e-book and recommend your newsletters to
all my internet friends. I only wish more Vets would be as forthcoming
as you have been with their expertise and I hope someday they will
recognise the benefits of alternate cures. I know I am very tired of
the cure being worse than the disease and having no alternative but to
return time after time to an expensive Veterinarian and still feeling
like I didn`t know any more than I did when I went in.
Please continue what you are doing. You are a GOD Send."
Thelma Blackwell, Lincolnton

"When I received your book I wish I would of gotten this a long time
ago. I went to two vets before they discovered what was wrong with my
cat who was 11 years old. By then it was to late. He was diagnosed with
thyroid problem. They put him on Tapoz and that made him worse and to
be put to sleep. Your book would of helped him. Well I got two new
Birman kitties and I have your book.
Thank You, "
Sylvia, Palmdale, Ca.

"Dr. Jones,
Your book, Veterinary Secrets Revealed is a quick, easy-to-use
reference for pet owners who are conversant with natural health terms
and practices. Your book should be on every pet owners bookshelf. With
the emergency treatments and CPR included are a must for all pet
Thank you for your fast response to my inquiry on Hyperthyroid

"Dear Dr. Jones,Thank you very much for your wonderful, informative
book. I have used the Chinese herbal formulation for recurrent urinary
tract infections and finally have my dog's urinary infections stopped!!
I would rate this ebook at 5 PAWS!!!
Best regards,"
Cecile Mate, Boston, MA

"Your eBook Veterinary Secrets Revealed & your Daily Newsletter have
been very informative. We have 4 dogs & 4 cats that need attending to.
So we seem to have one problem or another to keep in check. We have
been doing our own Vet Work, being raised on a farm and using home
remedies for years. I have purchased your eBook to improve my knowledge
on pet care.
The information that you have provided so far is outstanding. A healthy
pet is a happy pet. What more could a pet owner want. "
Richard, Nanaimo

"Dr. Jones,
I wanted to thank you for your help with my Buddyroe, you may not
remember but he had prostrate cancer. He had gone through kemo
tretments and got better for a short while. Then I discovered your web
page and asked you what to you gave me some advice and Buddyroe started
to show improvement using your tretment suggestions and I was able to
have him another 4 months. He was playfull and seemed to be fine. He
went peacefully sunning in his favorite spot. We were told by the vet
that had treatmened using kemo admitted that it was probibly kemo that
killed my Buddyroe.
I thank you for the extra time I had with Buddy, I can't thank you
enough even if I wrote you every day. Respectfully,"
Grady W. Turner, Georgia, USA
"Dear Dr. Jones,
Thank you for your Veterinary Secrets Revealed! I just wanted to let
you know that I have bought your book & am very happy with it!
Shortly after buying it, a friend of mine had a German Shepherd that
was very sick, but he didn't know what the problem was. We email each
other quite often, so I asked him what symptoms the dog was having.
After his reply, I checked your book & was able to tell him that it was
either one of two different problems. Both symptoms required him to
take the dog in to emergency, so I was able to help save his dog! He
has now bought your book as well, just because of this!
Thank you so much!"

"'Veterinary Secrets Revealed' is a book that is long overdue. Dr.
Jones has provided a go to guide for many aliments that plague our
animals. The best thing about this book concerns its focus on boosting
health rather than just treating symptomology. I am always looking for
safe, effective ways to booster my cats health, and Dr. Jones has
provided this information for various diseases and conditions
experienced by animals. "
Jamie, Dallas

To read more of what other people have to say about Veterinary Secrets
Revealed, click here.

The feedback on Veterinary Secrets Revealed has been wonderful, and I
am very grateful to hear how much of an impact Veterinary Secrets
Revealed has made. My email has been literally flooding over with
questions and great comments from fellow pet lovers.

My colleagues, on the other hand, have not responded so well. I'm not
going to go into it in this letter, but I'm currently in (and have been
for almost 3 years now) a legal battle with my local Veterinary
Association about my book and websites.
Feel free to email me (see contact information below) if you'd like
more information on this.

Here's a question that may be on your mind, as many people have asked
me this...

Why Would A Practicing Vet Like Me Reveal Secrets
That Will Reduce My Income And My Business?

By now you're realizing how many ways you can use this information to
help your pet. But you're also wondering why the heck I would share
information that will reduce my business?

It's simple. I've seen too many pets and their owner's suffer because
they relied exclusively on their Vets to receive medical care.

Now let's be clear - I'm not saying that the Vets provided substandard
medical care. There are many reasons that pets suffer when a Vet is the
only care option. Sometimes pet owners...
* Delay bringing their pet in for treatment because the pet becomes
ill after hours.
* Rely exclusively on harsh drug treatments because they (and their
vets) are unaware of effective, gentle, natural ways to treat their
* Discontinue treatment for chronic illnesses because it's
complicated or expensive.
* Aren't able to afford an office visit and or follow up treatment.

Another reason is that I absolutely love empowering pet owners like you
with my book and with what I teach. It's something that I enjoy doing
every day - if you haven't already, sign up for my newsletter (see
below) and you'll quickly find out what I stand for (check out my blog
as well).

If you understand even a little of what Veterinary Secrets Revealed can
do for you and your pet, then you'll naturally jump at the opportunity
to ensure that you can...
* Instantly decide on a course of action for your ailing pet - so you
can ease pain and start treatment immediately.
* Easily afford natural and effective remedies regardless of your
financial situation - so your pet doesn't have to go without
* Quickly diagnose your sick or injured pet - so you can instantly
know if you can administer care yourself or if you should seek
medical help immediately.
* Immediately begin regimens that have been proven to halt and or
prevent diseases such as cancer and diabetes - so your pet can live
a long and healthy life with you...

You will be delighted by how much you will learn from Veterinary
Secrets Revealed.

It may even help you save your pet's life some day!
[BUTTON Input] (not
Imagine The Look Of Gratitude When You Can Soothe And Heal Your Pet
Instead Of Standing By...

And if your pet is in discomfort right now, you're just two minutes
away from being able to offer the relief your pet has been hoping for.

In order to reach as many devoted pet lovers as humanly possible,
"Veterinary Secrets Revealed" is a digital book (e-Book) that can be
delivered to you in a matter of seconds in a universally readable PDF

That's right, as soon as you submit your order on our secure server
(your payment details are absolutely safe) you'll have immediate access
to the information that can improve the quality of your pet's life, and
maybe even prolong it.

Veterinary Secrets Revealed is indispensable for any pet owner because
Illustrated Instructions Are So Amazingly Easy To Follow,
Even A Child Could Help An Ailing Pet

All pets deserve a fighting chance when illness or injury strikes, so
I've put a lot of thought into the design of Veterinary Secrets
Revealed. The book is over 200 pages long, and is packed with vital
information on your pet's health...
* Topics are listed in the table of contents in alphabetical order so
it's easy to find information on your own pet's particular problem.
* Pictures of each problem are placed immediately above the
description of the problem to make it easy to select and follow the
right treatment plan.
* A detailed index at the end of the book takes you right where you
need to go when you're searching for more detail. Indexing is a
long and tedious process, and it's often left out of eBooks, but
not this one! In an emergency, you need to be able to find what you
need instantly.

So how much is ensuring your pet's well-being worth?

You would have to pay hundreds of dollars to assemble enough books to
cover all aspects of treatment in this one book. Books focusing on
dogs, on cats, on behavior problems, chronic illness, and even trauma.

Then, you'd have to find books on herbal remedies - presuming you
already know which ones are safe for dogs, which are safe for cats
(there are big differences - some that are completely safe for dogs are
toxic for cats) and which could cause complications (including death).

Add to your cart books on dental health, acupressure, and homeopathy.

Why go through all of the time and expense when I've already done it
for you? Plus, I've tested the results!

For a fraction of the time and money that it would take for you to
learn how to care for your pet safely and effectively, I'm offering
Veterinary Secrets Revealed, Second Edition for only $67.

After watching me test remedies and record data over the years, my
family was shocked at the price of this book. But as I've said over and
over again, I'm determined to get this information in the hands of as
many pet owners as possible.

And, as I mentioned above, other Veterinarians (and my Vet association)
are not pleased that this information is so readily available to all
pet owners. They're afraid that they will lose income from people who
purchase the book. Just talk to my lawyer about how 'happy' my Vet
Association has been with me over the past few years about my book and
my websites.

Remember, I'm a Vet, not a lawyer, so I really don't know if there's
any recourse for those who have demanded that I take this site down. I
want to leave it up for all pet owners to benefit from - but I'll be
honest - I am worried that some lawyer from my vet association will
find a way to make it disappear.

So please, take advantage of my $67 offer while it's still available.
What's the REAL Cost of
Veterinary Secrets Revealed?

If you are wondering whether you can afford my healing system, consider
* The current average cost for ONE SINGLE VISIT to the Vet Clinic is
* The average yearly Vet Bill for one dog is $395.00, and $244.00 for
one cat (AVMA, 2006).

And if you have more than one pet? The average annual bill for multiple
pet households is over $1000.00.

For every visit to your Vet that Veterinary Secrets Revealed helps you
avoid, you'll save over $100.

But the BEST thing is, with my book you will save several trips to your
vet - Veterinary Secrets Revealed will pay for itself over, and over,
and over again. But each time you visit your Vet, you'll pay again...
and again... and again.
[BUTTON Input] (not

I want to be sure you have the time to really try some of the remedies
in the book and make sure they work for your pet. So I'm giving you my
60 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

100% 60 Day
Money-Back Guarantee
If you and your pet are not 100% thrilled with the amazing information
in this book... if you find that the information is not an
extraordinary resource that will help you care for your pet if and when
the time comes...then please contact me within 60 days and I'll quickly
provide a full refund - with no objections and no hard feelings.
Veterinary Secrets Revealed is guaranteed to work for you and your pet
- or I'll give you all of your money back.
Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM
[BUTTON Input] (not

Get Instant Access - Even If It's 3 A.M.

When you click the button to download your copy, you get instant access
to all of the information.

That means you can relieve your pet's discomfort within the next 2
minutes, no matter where in the world you are or what time it is (even
if it's 3 a.m. on a Sunday!).

Veterinary Secrets Revealed, Second Edition is in an easily
download-able PDF format. They tell me that PDF stands for "Portable
Document Format" which means it can be opened and read on any computer.
I'm a Veterinarian, not a techno-guru but I do know that e-books are
simple to use.

Plus the PDF format makes it easy to search and find the information
you're looking for.

Veterinary Secrets Revealed, Second Edition is a 480 PAGE Digital
Manual - it is not simply an 'e-book'.

You can read it on your computer or e-book reader, or you can easily
print it out and have it ready to refer to on a moment's notice, should
your pet suddenly need the information I've provided.

Order below now to ensure your pet's safety and well-being. You can
order on our safe, secure server and receive the book immediately.

Veterinary Secrets Revealed
"PRIORITY" Order Form

[_] Yes, Dr. Jones, I Want To Download
Veterinary Secrets Revealed Right Now!
I want to be ready to care for my pet when illness or injury strikes.

"Veterinary Secrets Revealed is the definitive manual for solving your
pet health problems with natural, at-home remedies...
No pet owner should be without this e-book."
- Dr. Jeff Serfas, Forestburg Animal Hospital

I understand that my order will be processed on a totally
secure server.
I understand that once my order is processed, I will be able
to immediately download Veterinary Secrets Revealed, so I can start
healing my pet RIGHT NOW!
I understand that I have 60 days to test each and every bit of
information in your book and if I and my pet are not 100% thrilled with
the amazing information, I'll get a full refund.

Click the button 'Click For Instant Access!' below. The instant your
order is approved you'll download your book.

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Guaranteed Secure

Veterinary Secrets Revealed
Second Edition

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Please give me my download RIGHT NOW!
I can't wait to get going and start examining,
diagnosing and treating my pet at home with
"Veterinary Secrets Revealed".

Click the link above to get your download RIGHT NOW!
Order now to get going and start examining, diagnosing and treating
your pet at home with "Veterinary Secrets Revealed, Second Edition".
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Your Best Friend Will Thank You...
So Download Your Copy Now!

You know it's the right thing to do for your pet. And you have 60 Days
to see if this information works for you (you can get your money back
at any time within that 60 days!).

Obviously, there's no risk involved - only security and peace of mind.
Get your copy today and prepare yourself to provide better care for
your pet in any situation, for your pet's sake.

I look forward to hearing about your pet's improved health, happiness,
and vitality!

To your pet's good health,

Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM
Nelson Animal Hospital
P.S. - I know you and everyone who truly loves their pets will want to
provide for their safety and well-being. So why wait? Order now and
you'll be prepared for whatever the future brings to you and your pet.
Click here to order now.
P.P.S. - Remember that you have a full 60 days to use the information,
and if you change your mind, you'll get all of your money back.
P.P.P.S. - Compared to just a single visit to your Vet, my book is an
absolute bargain. For every trip to the Vet that it helps you avoid,
you'll save money. And I KNOW it will help save you many trips to the
Vet. Save Money starting today - Order NOW!
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